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I am Latte, You are Cappucino

This is how to understand human nature.

This is how to understand ourselves.

This is how to understand the others and live with others.

This is how to change.An empty glass is our life when we were young.

But with all those things that passed through our lives all those

things filled into the empty glass difine “Who we are” today.

A Beautiful World is not enough

Actually the world is beautiful, but if we have negative thinking

the world will not beautiful.This book indicates the cause and ef

fects in this world. All of this may occur from the fact that we are

afraid to say the truth or think the truth.The thing that blocks us

from seeing the truth is called “Prejudice”.Prejudice is similar to

delusional eyeglasses.


If we are smaller than our competitors we need some back up

to make us look stronger. Only great ideas and supreme talent

will obtain the best results. Strategy is not only about winning,

it’s about taking it all. A strategic talent can analyze a situation

in every detail and use a strategy or plan to get the desired result.


CEO Know + How

This book offers Executives and CEOs’ lessons in theoretical

learning before they actually put plans into action. Executives

need to use their knowledge correctly to grow and evolve their

companies. Without knowing how to use their knowledge in

the right way, their company won’t go anywhere.

The first book which show the management theory as infographic

which easy understanding.


Marketing Know + How

New Marketing Strategy;

Personal Marketing, Group Marketing, Area Marketing,

Country Marketing, Regional Marketing, Global Marketing,

Brand Strategy, Marketing Communication, Top Brand Marketing,

Underdog Marketing, Fast moving product, Brand identity,

Youtube Marketing, Game Marketing, History Marketing, 

Market Development, Market Penetration



Explain of World Marketing Strategies.

Each brand has its own strategy which is different.

Sensational Marketing, Smell Marketing, Culture Marketing,

Local Strategy is Local Product + Local Market.

Cost Leader Strategy is Low Cost + Big Market.

High Value Product Strategy is High Price + Small Market. 

Premium Product Strategy is High Price + Big Market.



Start from Basic management become Creative Management

Theory from the beginning stage adapt to new era.

Four core business management is Core Business / Core Product /

Core Value / and Core Competency

Three Planning; Strategic Planning, Vision Planning, Mission Planning.

Twelve M of Management; Man, Money, Material, Method,

Moral, Motivation, Management, Marketing, Message, 

Measurement, Mindset, Majority.



Our organization needs the Strategic Planner or Problem Solver.

The comparison of Performance and Potential of employees,

some has great potential, but he/she does low performance only.

The main responsibility of executives is to find the potential 

of employees and bring it out and make it as useful as possible.


Seven Angels

This Self-improvement Novel book provides tips and guidance

on how to be the good and successful leader which requires

various qualifications. The Roman Story which help us to

overcome difficulties successfully. The long journey of a young man

in search of seven Angels who can provide him with

useful tips on how to be a good and successful leader.

God of Fortune

Every 2,000 year, God of Fortune appear and let one person meet him.

The Lucky man will lucky forever.

One million people start at the same point, they want to meet

the god of fortune. There are many challenges for reducing

people until we got the best one.

Last, there is no god of fortune. But the real is everything 

the luckiest guy has done, is the best thing.


Rich Legend

If you want to do the successful bussiness, you have to know

the tale from Egypt which teach the businessman through

5 coins and 3 magicians.

The first magician will teach you how to sell your product.

The second magician teach you how to control the cost

andyour expenses.The third magician teach you how to

make more profit from the business investment.

Dream Come True

God generated human and the dream.

The Dream can see human, but human cannot see the dream.

Human wants their dream become true.

The Dream can see and talk each other.

One person can make his dream come true. 

He become a great teacher for teaching everyone who desire it.


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